Mythbusting: A Clarification of Procedure, Intention, and Vision

It has recently come to my attention that people are misrepresenting and maligning Disposable Blog.  As if this project is dangerous, inappropriate, and controversial.  In fact, Disposable Blog is a positive celebration and visual representation of community and self-expression.   So, let’s bust some myths and illuminate what Disposable Blog is really about!

Myth #1:  I take the pictures.

How silly!  No, I do not take any of the photos on this website.  In fact, you are Disposable Blog.  You control the photos; you make the choices about how to use the camera.  As long as there is nothing adult in the photos, I post everything because I want to represent all of your expression (even if it’s a “rebellious” middle finger).

Myth #2:  Disposable Blog has content that you have to pay to see.

Ha!  Of course not!  Disposable Blog has and always will be free!  Thanks to the generous donations of others, I have received money to fund the project.  There is no hidden content; everything is on here to see and enjoy.

Myth #3:  Disposable Blog is controversial.

This is the one I never, ever imagined would exist.  In fact, it makes me sad to think that a person and the media would manipulate the intentions of this project.  If you review the mission of Disposable Blog, you will see how excited I am about life, community, photography, and self-expression.  Disposable Blog was created from a source of joy and positivity.  Please do not make the naive mistake of thinking Disposable Blog is some controversial project.

All in all, I have loved creating, curating, and presenting Disposable Blog for/to the community.  I have received overwhelming positive support and excited feedback, and I will hold on to that in the face of harassing accusations, misrepresentation, and downright defamation.  I will leave you with my mission statement that I wrote when I first started this project:

All around town (and other cities, too), I am leaving a disposable camera chained to something secure with the instructions to take one photo of whatever you would like. My goal is to document and celebrate all of the incredible people who populate the beautiful places throughout our world. As more and more rolls are developed, this tapestry of people and places will become more colorful, complex, and complete.

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